Me and him, and post Ramadhan blues

2 weeks ago, my boss looked at me in great concern – he asked why I was ever so skinny. Skinny he said.

Fasting, I said.

Today, after a long meeting in his room, and before I left his room – he looked at me, and said, “now you look good. Keep this weight…”, smiled and buried himself in his paperworks.

Have I gone fatter after Aidilfitri? That is one disconcerting feeling.


Weight before Aidilfitri – 86kg.

Weight after Aidilfitri – takut nak timbang…

Self-judging my physical being, I am happy I still fit in my new set of wardrobe so perhaps I am not that fat after all.

Progress so far – very little LSDs, no weights, too much cheese pineapple tarts. Bulan raya, belasah je lah.


one  grey day


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