Mizuno Wave Run 2008

Woke up late and drove to Padang Merbuk like crazy, I arrived at 7.00 a.m. and parked at PAM. Ran to PM (jadi lah, warm up sikit), put my timing chip, and moved to the starting line. Already the scene looked like a Celcom TV ad with all the blues (or is it the Chelsea’s?).

2 minutes later we were off. I was walking for a good 5 minutes to reach the starting point to walk on the mat (no thanks people who kicked it around). After that point, it’ uphill, quite a reverse from the normal Dataran’s route.

Somehow the run was OK. I was getting actually getting worried that 1-months++ of my running hiatus will take its toll (eventually it did after the 7th km). 


Thanks to good weather, and good company, I ran a good run. Organised by Pacesetters Malaysia, needless to say, the uncles and aunties were cheering us and manning the route for us (thanks, ho). Apart from that, it was just another 10k run in KL, nothing spectacular, and my not-so-good running s evident of my lack of training and few unhealthy food choices.


I finished no. 797 at 59 minutes (official time from PM not available). Nothing chippy (not even a certificate) but I went home happy and feel good that the Penang half marathon next month will be ok for me. Just a piece of confidence is al I need to recoup with my runs.


Next in line are Genting Trailblazer and Penang Half Marathon.


sore feet all over

Sunday – 19 Oct 2008


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