Post Syawal 2008

It's the 5th day of Syawal, and I still look in the mirror and can't help but curse. Why did I do the things I did in the last week of Ramadhan, up to the 3rd day of Syawal. I grabbed the visible piece of fat on my stomach and hat the feeling of being fat. Damn, I almost could see some packs just before the Ramadhan...

Surprisingly, other parts of my body hasn't changed at all.

I am off to the gym in a while. Running yesterday was not as much as I hoped (4.87km in 30 mins). Will hit the RPM this afternoon, and work on me legs.

2 weeks... 

2 weeks to shake all of these off. Mizuno Wave Run will tell if I could run, if not better than Siemens. 

* I have to convince my wife to get rid off all the kuih rayas in the house... sigh!

Sunday already,


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