Shape Run 2008

Found this pic in Pacesetter's web (credit : Jason Lee - thanks).

This was the Shape Run (August 2008) - my last run before the Ramadhan, 2 weeks after the hell-ish Adidas KOTR, Shah Alam.

Shape Run was - different. I came in full support of the magazine I started reading back in that small town somewhere in England. The atmosphere was good, met few familiar faces by now along the many KL runs. CG and Joan were there, the guy who helped me in the Adidas KOTR was there and lots, even surprised to see Dzam and his buddies running for the first time!

I was chatting with C.G. when the gun went off. We squeezed in a thin line dictated by the barrow path along the Lake Garden (very scenic by the way), and I quickly settled in my 6 mins/km pace. After the lake, we hurdled up the hills when I felt really good and thanked Bukit Jalil hills so many times. I went up effortlessly (alhamdulillah). By now, I was running at my faster 5'30" mins/km pace, and wondering where the hell is Ian.

After the first water station, the route went all similar through the Bukit Tunku route, and coming through the Parliament etc etc. We all know that route. After the Parliament, I was limping with the bad case of a side stitch on my right rib cage. Man, that was painful... I managed a very slow run, which degraded to a walk just before the Lake Garden gate from Jalan Parlimen. I only ran 300 metres from the finishing line, to see C.G. cheering all runners (he DQ-ed himself?).

Crossed the line at 55:30:20 at whatever number (Siemens was my PB at 53:15:00). Must be the walking-thing...

Regardless, the event was well organised, water station adequate (although I don't drink on my 10km runs), and the goodie bag is a precious... 

All in all, it has been a good run. 


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