Yesterday was the day my studio-mate got hitched. Zak was my cubicle-buddy for about 2 years in architecture school, and we had a lot of late nights together at the mamaks, dealt with many school politics, etc etc. 

I am happy to see him smiling all ears with his bride, Ramlah. I know that wishing people the best marriage that lasts a lifetime is a little too cliche, knowing keeping a wedding takes a lot of hard work, all the time. What I will wish you, my friend, is to hold on to the best and the worst, for she is now your 'bestest' best friend; save a lot of money coz' kids don't come cheaply these days, and take care of your health (both of you). You'll need a lot of energy to wake up the next day and face the world head on.

Congratulations, Zak and Ramlah.

*my 5th anniversary coming in a week


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