on bended knee

Fresh from Penang Bridge, I spent the whole Sunday and Monday limping with sharp pain on my left knee. I spent extended morning to sleep, and went to the gym to work on some leg muscles and my chest. None of these pains are keeping me away… no Sirree…

On Tuesday, coupled with my sore throat and incessant cough, I went to the doctor. I am not a fan to tell somebody that I am sick and waiting for him/her to prescribe some things (i.e. medications) that I don’t like having in the first place. But so he did, that I have a slight fever, swollen throat etc etc. When it comes to my knee, he gave me a look (that can’t be good). Cut the whole drama short, he referred me to Dr. Izlan at Pantai Specialist to see about my knee (he is happened to be a Surgeon) and book an MRI.

Wow… fellow doctors helping each other? Regardless, I think he means well, that I am developing some problems, which may well go very badly one day if left untreated. So I will go (question is when?)

I shall post my experience going through the ‘big fat straw’, hopefully there is nothing serious that will forbid me from moving. Still, the thought of being surrounded by people in white coats is chilling…


… from the clinic

Tuesday, 18/11/08


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