Bit of an outdated entry, but since it is very significant to me and my feet, I will honour this and post it anyway. For the people who do not know, I have a set of a very large feet (size 13 U.S. to be exact) that finding a pair of good shoes are extremely difficult. It was hard to find my shoes in the U.K. back in 1996 (I was confined to CAT boots most of the time if budget permits), let alone in KL that I simply avoid shoe shops altogether.

I have been lucky a couple of times to find shoes my size, or rather slightly smaller, that I convinced myself they will stretch and fit my feet after a month or so... As a result, I have endless blisters and bloody toes all the time from my runs.

This year, with the new outlets by New Balance and Brooks in KL, it's finally available to me... and shoe shopping doesn't end in humiliation (and disgust). After forced to do a catwalk and running in The Gardens, I bought myself a New Balance 1224, which is more suited to my flat feet. I went home feeling accomplished, and like a million dollar man. Tonight I am bidding farewell to my Reebok trainers, which I have trashed in Genting Trailblazer.

My first outing with the shining 1224 is a shameful 3km at KLCC. Injured knee aside, I saw my time getting faster (1.3km in 5 mins), and if I were to keep my knees together and keep on going for the 10km, I would have cleared it in sub-50 (I know, wishful thinking). The cushioning and stability is incredible, and it is so comfortable. 

I then took these babes to Penang International Half 2008, and surprised to have enjoyed the first 7km of uninterrupted run, bouncing off the bridge. Let's see if these babes would offer me better time when I am back running in 2009...


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