book project December '08

I re-visited Kino again (finally!) after a long year gap. I was actually picking some books for my wife for our 5th anniversary (I know, such cheapskate!), where I ended up buying for myself. I picked up these;

1) The Running Man by Gilbert Tuhabonye
2) The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch (I know how behind I am when it comes to books these days)
3) Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenses and David Oliver Relin

I have finished The Running Man, and felt really moved by his story to realise his Olympic dream, and reading nervously over his survival in the genocide in Lycee Kibimba, back in Burundi. It is not as fun reading this book beyond his recovery back in Bujumbura (the saddest part is his reunion with his mother in the hospital), as his story about life in the US seemed hurried and out of place. It was like reading Sir Richard Branson's book all over. One moment he is training, and the next he was in the White House shaking hands with Bill Clinton. Without a doubt he has gone through a lot, and achieving much, but the book will be more enjoyable if they add another 100-pages or so to put things in better perspectives.

Regardless, I have enjoyed this book greatly albeit a little bit too much of an ego, but his passion for running do rub some positive insights to my runnings.

On the (2), I have just started to read it, as my wife just put down the book last week. Amid this busy period of end of the school holidays and mad dashes for wedding receptions by our fellow friends and relatives before the school re-opens on 05 January 2009, I struggle to pick a book and read if it is not in the loo doing no. 2.

I have started on (3) some weeks ago, but could not bring myself beyond page 24 'coz it's rather heavy. I'll get to that afterwards.

Next book to read : Talking Architecture (Interviews with Architects) by Hanno Rauterburg


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