a long december

Saturday, 13 December 2008.

This is the day I (re)conquered that feeling I used to have pre-Ramadhan 2008. I ran 10.8km, and feeling I could run more. The left knee is still hurting, but I have learnt to pace myself and ease the pain (having Billie Jeans by Michael Jackson blaring on helped). If not for the fact that going around KLCC park more than 5 rounds is actually dead boring (and my turn to babysit is up), I could have gone for another 3km. Suppose that can wait. 

Do it in moderation. Delayed gratification.

It has also been exhilarating, as I was really bogged with work, and having the cool air against my legs was magical. I missed that feeling after bitching for months about not being able to pass beyond 3km. 

Next in line will be Great Eastern 20km. Can't wait.


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