Saturday Run - 27/12/08

Another fruitful run today - covered 15.5km at KLCC Park, although the time was less encouraging at 1:55:00, but nonetheless I felt great. I noticed it was quite hard to push forward faster throughout the boring loops over and over again without some music (left my iPod at home). It it was not actually getting hotter (started a little late) that morning, I could have gone for another loop, at least. Good feeling...

My mind is coping better to register through the pain on my left knee, and cooperated better to keep on running. I could almost enjoy this now, going further and further. And thanks to proper warm-downs at the end, I have very little joint pain on my knees throughout the day. Last week I could hardly walk the day.

OK, so far so good. Another 2 weeks before I start to taper for the Great Eastern 20k on 18 Jan 2009. Gonna go through series of HIITs and stagger the long runs (reaching 18k next Saturday, and 20k the next).


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