Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha 2008

This will be our first raya in my hometown since we had Jasmine 3 years back, due to unavailability of breaks. This year we had to as we were sending off mama's new car, and retrieving her old back to KL.

We ended up travelling 12 hours en-route due to bad traffic. If only my car could have a gantry signage to tell fellow drivers not to cut lanes, don't fear the guarding policemen, and drive sensibly... it is amazing how many insane drivers out there.

I for one, need to be more sensible in my driving diet. Despite having the customary bananas, fruits, nuts etc, I have also added McVities, black chocs and Ayamas nuggets. Nowadays whatever I eat goes straight to my perut... bahaya sungguh...

Back home, I still find it extremely difficult to resist my mum's and grand's cooking, so I went on and had my cheat (3) days with a little guilt, but engorged nonetheless. I'll run more, faster and lift more weights back in KL, lah...

Hope all Muslim friends all over are driving safely back to their loved ones.


ehem ..... did you manage to lift more weights, run abit faster, climb slightly higher after your raya? :) btw, how r ur joint pains, bro?
amsyah said…
ahhah, you have found my blog at its infancy... hahahah. weights are getting more tangible to lift, and running tu boleh lah ... so so... knee pain still there, have yet to go see the chiropractor and schedule an MRI... we'll see lah.

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