a year has ended

I turn 33 last week. Time was zooming so fast, and the fact that the office was going for a long holiday until the New Year adds to the chaotic buzz. Overall, I feel great. 

Going back to the topic, my getting one year older did not offer much thrill. I acknowledge that I am a year older. The past year has been enriching, and I am glad I make that shift. I have so many things I have yet to achieve, but 2008 has been quite an eye opener for myself, I realised a lot of things about myself. The most important thing that happened in 2008 is my passion for running. It is during this time that I discover many self attributes that I hate, and love. From here I re-compose myself, sort of re-branding if you will. This ongoing transformation is very positive, as I am now able to give something back to myself other than constant demand to work like crazy. I allowed myself to pause, and think of my actions, and its many complications. Suddenly, watching my buddy competing chess in secondary school, and his persistence to watch Gary Kasparov and Anatoli Karpov's big match made more sense.

I hope I am wiser now. I tell myself over and over again how truly important that is, at least for my daughter to grow up and see her father not making a fool of himself singing OneRepublic's Stop and Stare in the car... 

Tomorrow will come as an eventual thing that they always do, I will continue to go to work, and every Mondays and Tuesdays, I will sit in front of my mentor and listen to his inspirational (yell) insights, and continue to work on the next big thing. That should well occupy my time until 2012. The thought of finishing the job and finally be among the 'big boys' is nerve-wrecking, and exciting at the same time.

I have been very blessed this year to have many hours playing with my daughter Iris. She has turned 3 in September, and her cheeky reservations of being a big daddy's girl is heart-breaking and endearing. She is one of the reason why I pursue some physical activities, that I will be able to catch up with her monstrous demand to play, run and simply fool around.

Being 32 made me realise many things, one of which is how much time I have spent in the office, and how little time for myself and my family. I have been travelling, and that is evident to my backaches. So bouncing on next year, it will mostly be concentrating on improving these little things, and finding a balance between family, work and myself. What is certain is I will continue running. If I have some money left, I'll buy a bike and perhaps I could do a duathlon next year. Nothing big, just small steps.

Turning 33 is not so bad. I saw few grey hairs coming out, and I am OK with it. But I do know in 2 years time, I will have to compete in a Junior Veteran's category... hahahaha how about that.


Cikna said…
Happy Birthday hun!

Yup, you really had a good time this year! Thanks to me for introducing Corporate Athlete to you.Hahahhaha.....(there's always a woman behind a man's victory. angkat bakul lagi...hahhaha)
No, thanks to your perseverance and your great mindset. You proved to us(me and Iris) that you could achieve whatever you want. Bring it on to you, easy or difficult, you could manage it. Just stay positive and you could count on us for the support for all your rides!

Anyway, happy birthday again dear!
amsyah said…
thanks sayang... the hell of a year!
hehhe....cikna, owe you some 'paid' advice .... hehehhe.
We only realised we grow old when we blog more entries than usual --- learned that from CheDet
(keep up your blog, very intersting read).
p/s- Cikna, please update your blog!! :)
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