05 January 2009, and Iris goes to school

Today, Iris put her uniform for the first time, and was sent to her playschool. She was there for 5 days last year for preparation classes, cried for the first 2 days, and was in daze for the next 3 days. I buttered her with few toys and some Cornettos, which she did not mind at all. 

The last few days when I brought home her uniform after the registration, she couldn't stop talking about 2 friends she met last time, Alissa and Michelle, and ever so eager to see them back and play with them. This morning when I dropped her off, she went straight inside going to few rooms on the ground floor. I assumed she was looking for her friends. Ain't that sweet.

Me and my wife has long discussed about sending her to school too early. We both agree that her schooling will be better in this early stages, if the school has a good program, and not too concentrative on studies alone. There has to be a lot of playing like crazy. On top of it all, Iris has to like going to that school, after our first attempt in 2006 failed miserably. She cried the whole day for one month straight. It was horrible for her, and for me to see her off every morning was heart-breaking.

When I was 4, school was unheard of. I played from dawn until dusk, all the chickens and ducks must have hated me. Kids nowadays are indeed very lucky(ier) and bound for the best of things (and people ask why I do not make babies so actively).

After school, Iris was smiling all over. She has met Alissa (who refused to be in her age5 class to play with Iris), but Michelle will only come in February. She talked non-stop about the colouring exercise today, and the stray cat that came into the compound eating something gross, and somebody (a fellow classmate) slapped her on her back but professed she was all but naughty. Then she demanded her tax - a nasi lemak (how typical), and I was happy to oblige. She fell asleep not too long after lunch, a long snooze. I hope she had good dreams.


takako said…
u r the 1st man in your daughter's life. She gets her idea of relationships 1st frm you.
Raising a daughter who can take risks, negotiate for what she wants, learn frm her mistakes n solve her own problems without being rescued by u or any other man is the order of the day. This is what makes her a strong, happy woman rather than a little girl forever.the boys will come around, she will leave for college, and eventually she will leave home completely for the outside world and a career and family of her own.

The best thing u can do for your daughter is give her the resources to face the world, nt the protection or even the desire to hide from the world coz one day....u will hv to let her go.
amsyah said…
takako : That is true, thanks. I suppose when that day comes, I will be heartbroken. I try to be a good dad and provide for her and support the things she wanted to do, for her to be able to stand up and find her own voice.

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