Buckle that straps, but who's watching?

With the New Year 2009, all passengers at the back have to buckle up or face a penalty. I am all supportive of this, if this would help lower the fatality of our road accidents, then please go ahead. It also helps to know no person 6 times their weight comes crashing on to me, if that scenario ever happen to me (touch wood!).

So it is up to our policemen to ensure we, the users, embrace this and do actually buckle up. I have long taught Iris to wear her seatbelt as the first rule in the car, as she would say back to me, 'dangerous, kan ayah?'.

The big question is, why, our policemen, the enforcers, do not even wear their belts (the driver and the partner)? We are talking about the 2 front passengers here, and we are told to listen to these people who do not care to instill within them what they are enforcing in the first place? Go figure.

Alas, I know the importance of the safety belt, and we do buckle up regardless. It is just a little bit ironic when, you know what… never mind. With all the things Malaysian, our policemen will not actually wear them belts until one of them is dead of a freak accident someday.

Will shut up now. This is one free summon I don’t want to get…


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