Bullish year for renovations

In Australia, Archicentre (AC) - the building advisory service of the Australian Institute of Architects - recorded a 40% increase in makeovers in 2008, and expects 2009 to be "the year of of renovation".

AC Managing Director, Robert Cauldfeld said that more people are seeking remodelling advice, now that selling and buying f new properties have cooled. This is now a buyer's market for renovation projects as builders look for replacement jobs and are willing to slash thousands off the bill.

Citing "historic low interest rates" as a contributive factor, will afford homeowners 'cheap cash' that would be used to fund renovations and increase returns in the long run. Owners would do renovation works to escalate the market value of their properties.

Caulfeld also feels that Sustainability is a high priority : based on its cost saving in the long run, low maintenance, as well as being tech savvy and cashing in on the 'green agenda'. Already last week, ER asked me to fit PVs on the roof, and rainwater harvesting tank for additional water supply. PVs should generate enough power for his night porch lightings, and garden lightings.

InsyaAllah, this will be good indicator. Already I have few queries on renovation works, and skywriting studio is raring to go into small projects. Anyone who wishes to do any renovation works, I will be very happy to sit down and give a friendly advise (for free).


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