Coming back online - Strength Training and Runs

Lagging for a good few days... office has been calling quite loudly these days. Apparently people are getting very nervous with the economic uncertainties, and Big Boss is worried the more delay we have on any given project, will jeopardise the overall progress and worst, the project being KIV-ed. 

Very valid point.

Regardless, after a well deserved Sunday rest and the whole family gala, I was back in the gym on Monday doing Strength Training (Chest and Back - Week 3, Day 1). Skipped my recovery run on Tuesday morning after I woke up with backache from the weight the day before. I figured if I won't be able to run a good run, regardless the distance, then might as well not run at all. The demon speaking on my left ear won that morning. O well...

Back to Strength Training today (Shoulder and Abs - Week 3, Day 3). Missed my protein post work-out meal as I came into the office and straight into few meetings with the Big Boss. Here I am in the office, post meeting, at lunch hour, just had my spaghetti with minced meat and button mushrooms, plus the so many free longan oranges from the contractors.

And it is very clear that my run tomorrow will fold too as I will be on my way to the airport for a meeting in KBR. Kena bayar hutang with a good LSD this weekend. Looking at few blogs on routes along TTDI - Hartamas - Kiara. Tengok, tengok... 


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