Episode/s - daddy-in-law

We dashed home to my wife's hometown on Chinese New Year's eve, as my father-in-law was in CCU after he was diagnosed with severe heart problem. Doctor told my sister-in-law that he is in no real chance to survive very long, and any surgeries will be pointless.

We arrived in Alor Setar just in time for visiting, and the doctor has already discharged him off the hospital. Between processing, collect the meds, pick the wheelchair etc, I killed some time to donate my blood as there were notices everywhere that they are running low. Why not. Except that I was unable to donate blood before, as I am in this group who've stayed in the UK for more than 6 months, between the year 1996 - 1999. I was in the mad cow disease zone when I was darting between Manchester and Liverpool testing separate hi-fi systems. They said it should be OK, and I was more than happy to give some blood.

I finished at the blood bank, in time when my in-law was wheeled out of the CRW/CCU. We headed home, and all relatives started to pour in to check on him. We, instead, headed out to my sister-in-law's to grab lunch. After lunch, I immediately passed out from the driving, and more accurately from the blood loss (wifey drove from KL to Sg. Perak R&R, and I drove from then on). I woke up just before 7, freshen up and went back to my in-laws. 

Pak Aziz was resting. Clearly he's high on drugs, that all his grandchildren and daughters, and other people around the house made him resort to him bedroom upstairs, that he did not re-surface until all people are gone. He didn't talk much that night, we were more busy catching up with each other, and playing with the youngest addition - Idlan.

We headed back to KL the next morning, on the Chinese New Year. Wifey had to go back to work, and there is not much we could do being around Pak Aziz. It is also good to return to KL now, rather than be stuck in the traffic mess on the second day of CNY.

I missed my Strength Training (Week 4, routine 1) but that's alright. I have had quite a lunch too, but that's alright. Heads up, long week ahead.


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