Fly me to the (river)

We all do fly around these days, thanks to our work and EasyJet, AirAsia etc. While the statistics says that air travel is the safest mode compared to other means of transportation, but when something bad happen, it usually is the worst kind. Iris too, do love flying and have been constantly trashing my Boeing 777 1:1000 model every time her wish to fly (with me to my meetings) were politely turned down.

The question is, how do we tell a flock of bird to stay away from our course, or any other reasons to bring down an aeroplane? We have all been there : the turbulence, flying through the freak storms, failed attempt to approach a runway, ridiculuous flight delays, etc. Have another trip coming up next week, hope it'll be safe as ever. As to those people onboard the US Airways which plunged into River Hudson, so glad you guys are alive.


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