Juliana Affandi Tan and Shahrizal Dato' Rojali - high on love dust!

Last night I was attended a wedding reception at Marriot Putrajaya. Nalleq was courteous enough to invite me on behalf of Elena and Mr. Tan's family to come to Juliana's wedding (Elena's 2nd sister.

A good token in turquoise ribbon. The candle still smells pretty good in my kitchen

Elena was my classmate from Form 4 for 2 years before she went on to KL. We wrote letters to each other very often then (no emails), and we met a couple more time whenever I came up to KL from PD. I was in my 2nd year in the UK, when Elena came over to complete her TESL at Plymouth. She came over a couple of times to our house in Kenyon Road, and that was when she met Nalleq, my housemate. They fell in love, toured Europe in the summer of 1997, and they got married in 1999.

I have known Juliana when she was quite small in few family gatherings, and Mr. Tan few times. After 10 years of marriage, Elena and Nalleq still do not want any kids (yet) and it is understandable why Mr. Tan is adamant to see her 2nd daughter off to give him the first grandchild.

I was at the wedding for an emotional support. I suppose I was the only one (at least in my table) in the party who is not directly connected to the bride or groom, but I was there nonetheless. Nalleq told me over the phone that the theme of the night is ocean turquoise, so I drove early to scout for a batik. Found one at Parkson, Alamanda Putrajaya, and changed in the restroom to make it to the reception only to find half the room disobeyed the dress code (duh!). 

I just want to wish Juliana and her new hubby, Shahrizal Dato' Rojali, a heartiest Congratulations for your wedding, and a new chapter in your life. It ain't a smooth ride, but an interesting one, I'll tell you that. You guys looked like a beautiful couple, may both of you be blessed in the years to come. To Mr. Tan and auntie K, Congratulations for the additional member of the family. You now have two quirky and cheeky sons-in-law, and you better leash them!

Nalleq si member lama, my housemate/roomate back from Wrightington to Wigan Lane. Dah besar dah budak ni...

To Nalleq and Elena, we'll see you guys on my next trip to Penang, and you guys will have to cook me sumptuous dinner!


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