a new year has arrived

Happy New Year 2009. I have just spent another 365 days spent in 2008. Last year, I only had one resolution, to lose 10kg. Given that I have lost some weight by end of 2008 beyond the target, I am very happy and content.

This year, having successfully being selfish to hog the TV for ‘The Biggest Loser’ show, I have set myself few important milestones (I won’t use the word resolution), within few important categories.

Category 1 – Fitness 

1) Maintain my ideal weight

- The last measurement back in November was a good 85kg. If I could reduce that to 81kg, that will be sweet, but I will not push it. The reduction of 4kg will be to cut the little fat I have on my waist and thigh. Now my BMI reads as 24.5 and just within the normal weight category. According to healthcentral, my ideal weight should be at 174 - 191lbs (79 - 87kg). But I will be happy at 81kg for 2009. A healthy BMI of 20.4 is way too sketchy for me, if I were to be at 155lbs (70kg), that I know for sure. That is OK, I still love my cheat days and cheat food. To lose 4kg in 12 months is definitely achievable.

2) Build more muscle

- At the time this blog is being published, I am still studying few possible routines as an extension from Corporate Athletes’. I do not have any benchmark to measure this, but as long as I feel good, then I’ll feel good. by November last year, my skeletal muscle % has gone up to 36.6% (from 30.8% in December 2007). Well, according to WikiAnswers, the skeletal muscle is supposedly to be half of the body weight (50%) and that is a tall order. As I said, few bulges at the right places, and I will be good to go. I know my wife will not be sleeping well if I do, and I am not about to run for Mr. Asia.

3) More RPM classes

- I really do need to abuse my gym membership, and make them regret forcing me to sign up. Not in a negative way (to me) but surely I am taking more hot showers there. If I behave, then a bike is a probability, and cycle to the office as part of my extended cardio routine is just about to save my car of extreme mileage. Bike hashes, night ride in Putrajaya and Genting sounds all so interesting. Even without all those, I could cycle with Iris on weekends… happy times.

4) Do more swimming

- benchmark, I want to swim continuously for 5 laps in my apartment’s pool. I will be a happy man.

Category 2 – Professional

1) My exam

- to actually go to the shop and buy reading materials. My wife will be happy with all the purchase that shall offset our taxes (there’s a lot of books, I know). Exams in 2010, anyone?

2) My work

- it wouldn't hurt to become a better manager to my subordinates, more detailed in execution of work, and more tactful in dealing with professional issues. I have a good project at hand, and I just want to keep plugging away. 

Category 3 – Family

1) a better husband. Will leave this at that, as in my current situation, it’s just too huge.

2) a better father. I know that I am spoiling Iris, but she’s my darling daughter and I seemed to have failed trying.

3) fix the house (need new bidets, tileworks at the kitchen, picture frames, towel hanger, and complete my now-infamous painting on the wall)

4) oh by the way, if in 2009 I could mend the rows with my sibling, it will offer our mother some peace. I am more than willing to talk, if the other party is willing to admit his stupid mistake, and apologise to me (no, I won’t apologise to you, you snob!)

Category 4 – Material-Self

1) save more money, and reduce my credits.

2) Langkawi, April 2009.

3) a bike (we'll see how item (1) goes).

Huh, surprising I don’t have a lot of things in my wishlist…

Another 365 days to put to good use, people. This year, Iris will start her playschool at Montessori, another number is added to our marriage years, and I shall continue to dodge the questions of, 'sorang saja ke anak? Bila nak bagi adik kat Iris?' without offending anyone. Obama will take on the Oval Office, PakLah will hand down the crown to Najib Tun Razak, Burj Al-Arab will be completed in Dubai, my fellow friends will keep on getting married or giving birth to many junior monochromers. 2009 will be a year of many events, nonetheless. 

God speed!


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