one fine day

We went to Kepong Park last weekend to shake things off. We have been travelling the last few weekends and it was tiring to me, wife and Iris. It was school holidays' last weekend, and the park was packed. I promised Iris to play some kites since she was 2 years old every time we passed through that area. I was lucky she didn't understand the true value of promises, but as she is turning 4 later this year, a promise is something that Ayah has to fulfill, especially when we coiled our pinkies together. 

So when we actually did arrive there, no heavy traffic or long walk made her whine. She was happy to strut along her green bike (we have to think green all the time now), and asked us to buy her a kite. She was too content looking up at all the kites in the sky (well, actually, so did I). She was all smiles when we were on the field.

She took instructions quite easily. One jump and she released the kite, it was airborne. We failed few times, with the lines tangled up. I quietly thanked my architecture school who had the Kite Fest season every year. Without it, I would have looked like a complete goon holding some colourful paper with bamboos on it. We had a blast.

I'll tell you, nothing beats a warm weekend other than seeing the smile of your kids, and their laughter. That's all I need on weekends, as she made my day.


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