Summary - Strength Training, Week 4, Day 1, 3, 5

It has been quite a crazy week of the so-called 'cuti umum' that the office has granted us. Naturally, one week holiday is welcomed, which I have spent more time at the gym doing extra sets and 'lepak-ing' in the steam room. However, wifey was not on leave, hence leaving me to babysit. Furthermore, I have few cupcakes orders from Nurul and Ogy (check the pics here), which I have spent some quality time with Iris, making the batter and etc.

And my holiday is smeared by the usual meetings that I could not escape. Was in the office the whole day on Wednesday to prepare the Board report for the presentation next Thursday, as my DA is in Tokyo for his honeymoon, and SB is back in Chennai. And on Friday, I was in PjC meeting the landscape department, where I have met old friends from school and MLA. Good to know there are inside informers to get me tips and directions in the future.

Regardless, my 0ne-month Strength Training (chapter 1) regime was completed, tapi takde lah rasa bagus sangat. One of the main reason is not being familiar with the weights and equipments at the new gym. I wasted a lot of time moving around from one to another machine, so that is an area to be rectified.

What I found out from this trial are;
1) generally able to lift heavier weights
2) curls are not really effective for biceps, so will ditch that
3) got to do my first pull-ups on my own for the very first time (yoohoo!)
4) body is accustomed to the familiar regimes (flyes, shrugs, deadlifts etc) - need to work out new regimes
5) consuming Creatines and Proteins makes me rounder, or is it lifting weight that is contributing to that. The impact of doing Cardios 6-days/week give me a leaner figure and flatter tummy. Lifting weights gives me shadows of a 6-pack, and good toning, but also slightly uncomfortable muffin top side tummy
6) I didn't include Leg Trainings within the last 1 month, and hence is very fragile and weak - not helping my runs at all. I have generally since been running slower and slower, even though longer
7) none of the STs are helping me in breathing technique - another bad note for my runs
8) my bad diet did not help me gain muscles - was not eating properly. Diet IS what I have to revert to a.s.a.p
9) need to put more cardio workouts, even on ST days

Final verdict - NOT GOOD. Need to draft a better plan for next 4-weeks trial.


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