That delicious cheap thing

Since wifey started her shift work last week, I am left mending Iris and all her stories from dinner to her bedtime (or mine). So last night, after a promise and our pinkies together on Monday, I picked her up earlier from the sitter's, and off we were driving home. Her first request was to go to the playground. As it was almost Maghrib, I told her to postpone that to a later day. Her next request, was to eat something noodly for dinner. 

OK, I said.

So when we reached home, the only conceiveable (?) noodle I could think of was Maggi, lah (I don't want to eat dinner beyond 8.00 p.m.) as I could just whip the Maggi open in a flash (I do not qualify as a bad parent just because of this). Just when she coould smell of the Maggi stirring into her room, she abandoned her Madagascar 2 movie, and pulled a chair next to me, "kakak nak masak ngan Ayah".

I obliged, no problem with that. My mistake was cooking too much. Over the year, my diet has taught me to eat small meals, and I could only down so much Maggi at a time. 

At dinner table, my other mistake that night was to put the whole pan on the table. After carefully dividing her portion and mine, we ate, and talked about what she did in school, etc etc. After she finished her portion, she started to ask for second helping. A second helping led to a final 6th helpings. The final straw and she gave me all sorts of excuses why the noodle is hers, or rather, the final scoop of the noodle in the pan was, " Ayah, kakak tolong makan untuk mama je. Takpe, kan", and she went on to gobble the last mouthful.

Pandai la, tu... 

So, anyone ada advice on compulsive eating behaviour for kids, please share with me.


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