Just for the record;

Weigh-in No. 1 data (dated 30 December 2007);

Weight : 110.4 kg (243 ++ lbs)

Body Fat % : 30.4 %

BMI : 31.9

Metabolic Rate (kcal) : 2216 k

Skeletal Muscle % : 30.8

Subcutaneous Fat % : 20.4

Visceral Fat Level : 17.0

Biological Age : 58 yrs

Waist Measurement : 42 inc

That's it - the day I started. Scary I know. I remember when I was in secondary school, I weighed a whopping 127 kg.


takako said…
People tend to take u as they find u so if they meet u now and u're a slim person they'll take you as a slim person. If, for whatever reason, u tell them u used to be obese (or someone else does) the reaction will probably be 'wow, you'd never know'. People do treat obese people differently to slim people in subtle ways which u'll come to notice. But that's just the way life goes. In my opinion,it is not just about the weight. I’ve noticed that these people priorities have changed, activities that they participate in have changed, their self esteem has greatly improved, and because of that they interact with people differently.
When you change, you do it for you and no one else. Those that mind, don't matter, and those that matter, don't mind
…so to u I would say…congratulations, ur doin great.
amsyah said…
takako : totally agree. I had a hard time when i was big, people calling me names etc. it's just cruel.

for me, i'm just using my nasi lemak and teh tarik money into paying for my gym membership. as long as i can fit into the clothe i would like to wear at any given time, i am a happy man. and thanks for the compliment

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