Training Log, 03/01/09

Running day. 

I woke up to the dark, gloomy morning. It was drizzling, but not wanting to neglect the urge in my heart, I grab my gear and headed out. When I arrived at the park, it started to rain quite heavily, and no cars were parked at the carpark. Nervous, I stopped at the gate and opened the door. Immediately I started to dwell on the idea of running that day, at least not alone. My self-conscious evil insisted that he do not want to be seen running like a madman, not when it's started to pour. The most I could compensate was to bring my gear to the gym and do some serious HIITs. 

As I lonesomely parked my car, I saw a runner under the shed waiting the rain to stop. Looking at the sky, I know it will not stop anytime soon. At that point when I was putting on my shoes, I was persuaded that running in the gym is way too boring and dull with the trainers walking around, and the soulless music. I figured I had so many oranges at home, and running in the rain for the first time is ought to be a wonderful twist.

Eventually the latter won, and I hit the track and boy, what a wonderful feeling it was. Running in the soft rain was more like walking the road back in Manchester (too bad I didn't know how it must have felt to actually run in Manchester) one fine October morning. With no people around, I found some unbelievable peace running without stomping shoes, blocked track, chattering aunties and obnoxious pedestrian smoking next to you. The cool air and dripping rain was very soothing. 

I was joined by few 'mat saleh' runners after a lap or so, but that was all. Only after 8.45 a.m. that rain started to clear a little, and people started to come. That has allowed me enough window to enjoy my run. I have never ran in the rain ever since I started competitive running in 2008. Now I know that I will never hesitate to run in one (or more).  

So that is it, my first LSD in 2009, 18.7km in 2:16:00 (ok, let's not really look at the time). Next weekend will be a full 21km (geez! that is still chilling to say the distance out loud).


holy *tooot* ....... you are more than a Corporate Athlete now ..... you are more or less like Rabuan Pit already (back then lahhh) .... salute your determination. Can interview you for my blog tak? :)
amsyah said…
ahh, you always know how to say the nicest things... and thanks for your support. the speed doesn't come along with my present knee but I am OK with that...
Interview? insyaAllah, can...

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