Training Log, 11/01/09

(Attempt at) LSD No. 4. KLCC Park.

Hit the track quite late again at 7.30 a.m. I need to do something about waking up earlier! Somehow, I got on running this morning with a clear conscience that the whole of last week's training was downright sloppy. I did not run or lift weight at all since Tuesday (in the evening I hate waiting in turn for limited weights they have at the Club. For the fee I am paying, they ought to provide more!). And it was evident in my struggling in this run. 

Another stupid mistake was I ran on empty fuel. Was not feeling well the day before, that I couldn't eat my lunch and dinner on Friday. Tried to have a good breakfast this morning but the banana felt too heavy, and I compromised on a mug of Nestum. At the park, needless to say, I painfully drag myself.

Shamefully, I completed 15.6 km in 1:40:00. Was aiming for a full 20 km this weekend. Quickly pulled myself from the park to catch an appointment with ER at Leha Kelfood for his house reno works.

Breakfast - a mug of Nestum, half banana, Endurox drink
9.30 a.m. - half of roti canai with chicken curry, 6 glasses of ice cold water
Lunch - half serving rice, full bowl of sup tulang (wow, my wife is getting a lot better in this!)
4.30 - low-fat milk, Wheatameal crackers (about 10 pieces)
Dinner - Chinese 10-course dinner, started with (1) entrees, (2) bowl of shark's fin soup with crab meat, (3) 2 pieces of honey roasted chicken (with skins) with almond flakes, sweet & sour sauce, (4) deep-fried garouper with Thai sauce. I left before they serve butter prawns and etc.
Supper - 4 pieces of Wheatameal crackers and a mug of Nestum

* Contempleting in my head to run the Melati-Batu Caves course (7.5 km) plus the Batu Caves steps and back (15 km, plus stairs), and thinking how to brave MRR2 alone in the morning. A bit scary, really.


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