Training Log, 12/01/09

I figured I don't have the guts to brave MRR2 alone in the morning, at least I was not convinced that running alone on one of the most notorious expressway in KL would be safe as I sat in the dark after Subuh prayers.

I have also grown tired of doing beyond 4 loops in KLCC park.

As my mind started to 'racun' to not going out for a run at all, I grabbed my gears and headed out to Kepong Metropolitan Park. I have been here a couple of times to play the kite, and have never been running there. I was even worried of wearing my running shorts maybe a little bit too inappropriate.

Arrived at the park, and it was already full, but I was determined to do at least 5 km on my rest day. After all, this is to compensate for the GE 20km next week, even though I will not be running. On my way in, I say this sign of the mini train that trails alongside the lake, which says 4 km. Really? There is no markers on the track, so I could only gauge the estimated distance through the time I completed one loop, breathing pattern and when does my knee start to hurt.

The Metro Park is quite OK, there are a lot of impromptu family activities : badminton, a lot of cycling, fishing, walking, courting (please do not block running trail at all times), etc. Views are OK, running alongside MRR2 for a good 200 metres, quite challenging trails with many hills and descends (very bad for my knee), but the hills in particular. There are few serious runners there, judging from the Great Eastern vests and others. All in all, it's good, except the  one stretch where e have to pass a stench of rotten drain. But that is OK.

oh, please let that distance be true...

I was all spent in 3 long loops, made 12.5 km today in 1:20:00. I have clocked 28.1 km in 2 days in a row - I drove home all smiles.

Breakfast - a banana, 3 wheatameal crackers, Endurox drink
9.45  a.m. - a bowl of 'nasi lemak belacan'
lunch - Ikea Kitchen's poached salmon with steamed broccoli, potatoes. Water, half bar of chocs
4.30 p.m. - a curry puff, a frankfurter, Iris' leftover ice cream
Dinner - a bowl of last night's 'sup tulang'

yup, half of those brown babes

* Yes, a cheat day is a special day, like nasi kurma or nasi tomato on Fridays back in hotel days. 


salivating just by reading your meal-list!!! Definitely a real good choice of food. Here's the deal - we will run together for 21km ard double hill(to make up your lost GE run), then belanja you 'ais jagung'& conduct an interview soon after.... deal?..:)
amsyah said…
21km around sounds very the tempting, in my midst of romancing 15 kms. It's a deal.
Interview? hmmm, no need lah, i need to do a lot more to earn myself that, lah. hehehe. After my first marathon ok?

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