Training Log, 24/01/09

It was stupid really. All these while I have forgotten that carbo-loading isn't exclusive to the night prior to any races. It is just as important to carbo-load the night before any LSDs. 

That was why the few LSDs I did last month in preparation to GE30K were agonising. I skipped dinner. With just apples and crackers, I was spent.

Last night, had a plateful of spaghetti, good glass of ribena, and an apple. At least that was all I could gobble. I went to sleep, of course feeling guilty and all, because that was quite of plateful.

The next morning, I headed out to Kepong Park, and I had a very good run. And that was considering I forgot to bring my knee-guard. It still hurts terribly, especially running down the hills, but I was going on strong. The hills, man, the hills... 

The hills, although not as deadly as Bukit Tunku's, but can be quite mind-numbing. I conquered them all here, only to defeated on my way down.

Did a 16.2km that morning. I promised wifey and Iris a breakfast at the Kelantan stall i Wangsa Melawati. Could have gone for 2okm to make up for GE, but it is still good to stop knowing you could go for more. There's always next week.

* NB : I skipped running on Tuesday, 20/01/09 due to back pain. Skipped my run again on Thursday, 22/01/09 as I travelled to KBR.


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