Training Log, 27/01/09

After a long drive from the Land of the Beras yesterday, and been on quite a high since the 16k last Saturday, I gobbled o wifey's Spaghetti Bolognese with a second helping. If anything to justify my waistline nowadays, I do eat more carelessly nowadays. I do wait very patiently as I re-steer my program to revert to the July - November 2008's cycle, but now it is just too distractive. Amazingly though, I still weigh 84 - 85kg range for the past 2 weeks.

Anyway, Woke my wife and Iris early this morning. I have asked wifey to join me for my run today in a bid to shed Iris off her belly and sedentary lifestyle watching Barbie's Rapunzel, and Barney's DVD on-end. It will also be great if I somehow decide to run extra long, but I am fully aware that I am still fatigued from the long drive back to KL.

Started quite late at 7.15 a.m. as the sun already lurking through the thin trees of Kepong Metropolitan. Started slow with Iris to encourage her to walk/run. She did feel a little motivated (challenged) from the many kids zooming past her, but being her real first time out, I let her do what she wanted to do (which is walking), and prohibit any frm of carrying her around. After the first 2k, she stopped for her potty break, and I told wifey to go on and I'll see them at the playground. I'll join hem for a walk in the last loop.

I went on, and covered 12k before I dashed to the playground. I could go for more, but I am saving it to play with Iris. I have been busy lately, with office work and our cupcakes orders, that I am missing my daughter. But hail the daughter, she had her first long 4k walk this morning with no assistance at all. 

Iris, ayah is so proud of you.


you is the no longer running at KLCC innit? I kept an eye out for you on Saturday, but to no avail.
Stupe said…
Bro - Amsyah - it's safe to do TTDI/Kiara/Hartamas and i assume it's through KLGCC? Just don't run at night. :)
Stupe said…
did i read CUPCAKES??? You run and bake!!! Well done!
amsyah said…
cik nurul... i quit klcc for a while as the loops bores me to death. I can't get pass the mental torture trying to do 16km in a day, counting 14-15 loops of the same landscape. penat weii...

stupe : thanks for stopping by. I will definitely try this course, lah. Say 6.30 am is good to run ka?

And, I do bake with wifey... reading your baking adventures in your blog makes me realise there is nothing against being manly whatsoever... hahahah
Saiful Kodi said…
dulu aku pun penah lari kat klcc. but most of the time on weekdays sbb dkt dgn rumah. weekand aku lari kat tempat lain la
amsyah said…
saiful : hey dato... aku lari kat klcc weekday jugak, pagi sebelum office, tapi sekarang ni relax jap weekday runs kat park. sekarang kau lari kat reading tak?

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