Training Log - Summary (January 2009)

Saturdays are always welcomed, and despite all its many circumstances ad unforeseen events, I still hope one day, I will rig it out and run 20k and beyond.

This Saturday was not meant to be, but I made the best out of it. It started well, as it was drizzling, and I said to myself while driving there, 'this is gonna be awesome".

The light drizzle turned to rain, quite heavy at it which had me second-guessing to turn back and head to the warmth of my wife and duvet, but the thought of a blissful cheat day on Sunday, I went on. Once there, to my disbelief, there are a lot of walkers and runners doing it in the rain. Unlike the sophisticated runners at KLCC park, these folks turned up with their jackets, hoods and umbrellas. So I do not have any valid excuse but to run.

The weather was crisp, but the smell of clogged drains and occasional cigarette smoke were really staunchy. I started slow, but somehow I didn't catch the drift, and was running not dignified. I covered 12k, and headed home.

12k was all I could muster, but January 2009 was not unceremonious either. I have covered a total of 143.6k, largely thanks to the preparation for the GE30k.

Wow! But I am still a little guy trying to make some mileages that are still minisculed by Haza's, Stupe's and other runners. I have long drawn borrowed inspirations from their stories, perhaps one day I'll get to be a better runner.  


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