Training Log, Tuesday 06/01/09

Running Day (night running).

As Iris starts schooling yesterday, and her mama will only start her shifts from 12/01/09, my morning exercises are impossible, at least for this week. And today, I was contemplating not too run at all, as the workloads from before Christmas are all piled up (2 weeks break). I dragged my drive from 5.30 p.m., to 6.00 p.m., but finally left office at 7.20 p.m.. 

Arrived at the park, went for Maghrib prayers at the mosque, and quickly changed at the car. Damn! Forgot to bring my knee guard, that is not good... Most runners were going off, and in my many runs in the evening, this will be the time I head off home too. But, not taking any heed, and the fact that the park closes at 10 p.m., I put on the iPod, and started to run.

There were many 'kwailos' around, and I was the only Malaysian, with few of them doing fartleks. I started easy, ad for some reason, Maxim's Bumble Bee was very good for my pace. I was able to have longer stride, swing arms longer, and control my breathing to the beat, at 2 strides/breath. It was quite regular that the first 5km was very comforting (but I was running crazy playing the same song all over). 

I stopped on my 9.1km range, as it was already 8.24 p.m., and because I had a light lunch, I was very hungry. All in all, the night run was good, could have pushed for extra few kms if it weren't for the time (I estimated another 3km would be good to put me into early sleep).

Breakfast - Roasted wheats with apples and berries, low fat milk
9.30 a.m. - Nature Valley's granola bar (roasted almond) and an apple
Lunch - Fried Penne with tomatoes and chicken breast, in Canola oil
Pre-run meal (6.30 p.m.) - a Nature Valley's granola bar (roasted almond) and Powerbar Endurox drink (1 serving). 
Dinner (9.00 p.m.) - Rice (half serving), sambal telur (2 eggs), mushroom soup


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