What was given up

I was very reluctant to drive to KLIA this morning. The drive was almost a drag, that a slightest thing irritates me.

I know all too well that I would have been waiting in line with a new vest, all smell of fresh morning sweat, full of anticipation of the soon-to-be-pumped adrenaline by the gunshot, with thousands of other runners in the first run of 2009. The air will be cool and crisp, and the view towards the skyscrapers in the setting sun would be a sight I have always welcomed. That nervous look of new runners like me, sights of familiar faces and common smiles, and the sight of the pros warming up. I won't lie : I wanted to be there in the thousands!

Let me be a selfish snob.

Erja is very excited to go to Brisbane, and I am happy that she'll get to go to a good school, and have a good jump start in her life. She is now 6, and I think she will grow up just fine.

When we were saying goodbyes, Erja went around all relatives for the salams. When she came to me, I held her up, kissed her and choked, and trying not to cry. We bid farewell. I promised her I'd visit her if I ever go to Australia, that seeing her is my 'must visit' priority. One thing for sure, I'll miss her.

If you happen to read this, Erja : have a great time in Australia, and take care.


The said…
Hi Ayah Chik,

I accidentally landed on your blog when mummy and I were browsing some silly stuff about me.

I'm having an awesome time here in Brisbane and one day you must visit me.

I'm coming back this Sunday and I hope we could catch up.


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