Awful Week

It has been awful, and I felt this sense of lostness within space most of the day. Half the time I was in many endless meetings, or driving to the meetings. Somehow my mind was still working on a basis that I was still on a long CNY break, or to 'ganti' the break since I was in the office while others were busy collecting angpows.

I went to the gym, but left my shoes in the car, or some stupid things like left my towel at home, or forgot to bring my office socks, underwear, and belt. 

These have affected me very seriously, I even forgot to pack food for the next morning (or pack the food, but left at home). I have been loosing sleep, but waking up early to drive to the gym. Luckily, I managed to reach wherever I wanted to reach, and not dozing off in the office. The 'keparat' feeling is more of not being able to remember simple instructions, or return specific calls etc.

Who says getting older is fun? Being deprived of memory is never a good thing.


Bro, I seriously think that you need a (pretty) PA. :). Well, what I normally do is I would pre-pack pairs of sports/swim attire and leave them in the office and in the car. Anyway, I have same problem too ...... I take GNA's DHA EPA to improve memory, and I can feel the difference.
amsyah said…
Nana wouldn't mind if the pretty PA comes in a form of a shiny Blackberry. Other than that, she'll disapprove. hahahahha. I have them gears ready by the door before sleep, but still, lah. I just picked the keys and left without the gears.

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