Current Body Weight

My current end-of-week weight, as of 20th was 83.8kg, after strenuous supersets at the gym.

My current start-of-week, as of 23th was 85.6, after a handful of cheat food, and a half-marathon.

Regardless of the number, I am still plugging away. KLIM is coming, and I have to do more of that Interval Training. In terms of weights, I am grateful to be able to lift heavier weights, and look better in my cloths. 

The names, like Shrek the Ogre, and Gaston back in 2006, hopefully are never to re-surface again.


You are more like Michael Phelps or soon to be The Rock .... :)

way to go.
amsyah said…
Ian : aiiseyymen, don't say like that... paisey saja... huhuhuh

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