Iris' new song

She came back from school the other day, insisting I sing with her, of something I couldn't utter myself. She was halfway between singing and humming. The day before on my way to ER's, then I was able to understand, and made my way through.

Seven days, seven days
Seven days in a week
Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday, Thursday
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Tujuh hari, tujuh hari
Tujuh hari seminggu
Isnain, Selasa
Rabu, Khamis, Jumaat, Sabtu... dan Ahad

(she went on and on from the kitchen to her shower and more)

* With all the AF, One in a Million, Bersama Aznil etc, I am a bit concerned


bro., the right lyrics r like this:

There're seven days, there're seven days,
there are seven days in a week.

p/s - it's my fav. song
be afraid. be very afraid, muahahahaha!
amsyah said…
Ian : thanks, will correct her

Ayien : is the very afraid oredi, later i'll post her pic doing the ballet to the Barbie's 12 Dancing Princesses...

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