KARADA Body Scan, 22 February 2009

It never fails to make me feel humbled by the whole simple experience, that I would be judging myself and blaming that extra pasta I have had the night before, etc. But, since the last body scan on 2 Nov 2008 (after Genting Trailblazer), I was also curious to see how my sloppy eating habit and inconsistent training, between Strength and Intervals, to all the things Craig Ballantyne and Arnel Ricafranca's, had at least hold my weight intact.

The readings are;

Weight : 84.6 kg (85.6 kg)
Body Fat % : 19.4 % (18.3 %)
Body Age : 39 years (39 years)
BMI : 25 (24.7)
Calorie Level : 1879 kcal (1907 kcal)
Skeletal Muscle % : 35.7 % (36.6 %)
Visceral Fat Level : 8.5 (8.0)
Trunk Subcutaneous Fat % : 12.5 % (11.8 %)

Although the weight has slightly moved down, but the body fat percentage shows that I have accumulated some 'lemak' around. I have also lost some muscle, for whatever reason, which must have contributed to the decrease in body weight. I know for a fact that I have been over-indulging on my cheat day... Lessons learnt.

Time to move on, and get on shedding more fat. And, I have yet to run competitively in any events this year. The KL Towerthon this coming Sunday will be my 2009 entry, and more will come.

* the numbers in (x) are as of Genting Trailblazer, 02 November 2008.


congrats on that towerthon ..... saw u ahead of me (so hard to potong you) .... keep it up!

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