Training Log, Sunday 15/02/09

As we have some cupcakes orders later today, wifey told me she'll skip the Step class this morning, which allows me for a longer run. I took that queue and imagined running beyond 16k before dozing off the night before.

Woke up, and dashed to the park. Arrived around 6.50 a.m., and started to gear up. A lot of people in the park never fails to amuse me, them with bikes, fishing rods, badminton racquets, etc... I paused to think of Iris who was still asleep at home from Barbie's "Rapunzel" and "the Devil Wears Prada" overload last night. 

I hit the road around 7.15 a.m., and I started to settle in my casual 10km/hour speed. I need to go slightly extra long today, so I took it easy. The first 2 loops were easy, I practically enjoyed running them. This morning includes 50+ runners in some club running a what seems like a family day gathering of some American families and students. Luckily they were running on the opposite directions or else I would have been tempted to pace them which will leave me panting.

The third loop was becoming visibly slower, the 4th was painful as I developed a groin pull the night before (on both sides) - I heard the sensation is similar to hernia's. But surprisingly I did not experience any knee pain at all, or that was compensated by the pain on my groins. I continued with stop and run strategy whenever I can to eliminate further injuries. The final lap was a drag... I walked most of them as I couldn't get pass through the pain. 

In total, I completed 20.1 km today in 2:15:00... Woohoo... although the mileage seemed good to my standard, but the speed that I am in and the manner I was running was really humbling. I even thought that I did not even deserve that mileage, but if I were to keep on romancing the 15 km and beyond, then this will have to slip in an attempt for self-confidence boost.

My reward? Home-made nasi kerabu... a mini choc bar, a muffin for lunch, apples for tea, and spaghetti for dinner.


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