Saw a post from a fellow blogger that the registration for the inaugural Standard Chartered KL International Marathon 2009 is open from Friday 13th, 2009. Here I am, post 20km this morning, filling up the form. The last page of registration asks of the category, when I paused between a Half or a Full Marathon. A mid-afternoon, lunch, playing session with Iris, and the whole house chores are done, but I have yet to decide.

I am torn between my romance with the 15-20kms for the last few months, and my lack of trainings tipped by heavy Intensity and Strength Training at the gym seems to fade my passion for this solo sport where I am my own warrior, that I need motivation badly, to take higher risks and somewhat closer to the ultimate goal (simpan dulu to myself, lah).

Pikir, pikir...


Just sign up for the Full Marathon, and be my running budddy by default!... :). Just did mine.
amsyah said…
On my way back driving today when I have decided to take the plunge... belasah je... tapi no turning back. Full Marathon... long strenuous training ahead, courtesy of Runner's World (Marathon Training Programme for beginners).

Why the hell did they put only RM10 difference between half and full?

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