Iris is growing up

The most heartbreaking things to me these days are seeing Iris growing up. I forever want to freeze her in time so she'll always be an innocent, cheeky and cuddly daughter that I could kiss and squeeze all day. Selfish as it sounds and as nature would have it, Iris breaks away. 

For the last 6 months, she has been haggling her mum's make-up, with the lipstick, foundation, mascara etc (I don't even know). I have also bought her many lip glosses, powders, etc. A girl is a girl, lah. She has her collection of heels, and keeps many necklace, and other accessories. 

Last weekend, she asked for a pair of earrings. 

My little princess is growing up, and there is nothing I could do to wrestle her into a cryonic chamber and freeze her. After preparing her that piercing could sting a little, and it will perfectly be OK to cry, for the whole weekend, the day came. We went to a goldsmith and chose a pair of earrings. As I nervously held Iris to calm her, the lady held the gun at her ears and shot the metal onto Iris'. I was nervous as she did not cry, bewildered is more accurate. After the lady showed gave her a mirror, and she saw the lime green earrings shining, she was beaming! What a moment.

There will be so many other firsts I will enjoy with her in the years to come, I'm sure. The things I cannot enjoy and reminisce if she's in a chamber with dry oxygen all over.


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