Medical Screening, the Verdict

Facts ;

Blood Pressure : 110/80 mmHg
Pulse : 70/mins
ENT : Bilateral tympanic membrane intact
Respiratory : Bil A/E good
Cardiovascuar : Dual rhythm, no murmur
Abdomen : No palpable mass or organomegaly 
- liver echo is normal
- no focal parencymal liver lesion
- intrahepatic ducts and common bile duct not dilated
- gallbladder normal, no gall stones seen
- kidneys in normal sizes and echogenicity
- no hydronephrosis or calculus bilaterally
- pancreas and spleen normal
- no upper paraaortic node
- aorta is normal
- urinary bladder normal
- prostate is of normal size and echogenicity
- no focal prostatic lesion
- no pelvic mass or cyst seen
- no pelvic lymphadenopathy or ascites
Central Nervous System : Normal
Muscular/Skeletal System : Normal
Electrocardiogram : Normal
Chest X-Ray : Normal
Bone Density : Average for age
Lung Function : Normal
Ultrasound Abdomen : Normal
Ultrasound Pelvis : Normal
Peripheral Blood Film Comments ;
- .Hb and PCV normal
- Red cells shows mild hypochromic and microcytic picture with occassional target cells (haematology : Red cell count 6.0, MCV 74 fl, MCH 23 pg)
- White cells reveal no significant morphological abnormality (white Blood Cell differential count : Neutrophil 38.4%, Lymphocyte 46.3%)
- Platelets are adequate on the smear

Comments/Recommendations : 
1) possibility of Thalassemia Trait
2) suggest Hepatitis B vaccination (Hepatitis B screen - HBs antibody 5.8 mIU/mL)
3) to continue ongoing diet and exercise

I was given a clean bill of health, thanks to the new lifestyle. Had I been doing this when I was smoking, and eating everything, the results would be significantly reversed. But then again, if I were in that state, this medical screening will not happen at all... hehehehe



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