Medical Weeks

Event 1

Scheduled myself for a medical screening at Damansara Specialist. I skipped the morning gym, and drove to Damansara. My agent failed to be present with me that day, much to their promises when asking us to sign the agreement, but being a big boy, I found my way to the Wellness Centre, and asked to go for X-Ray and Ultrasound tests.

For the Ultrasound, I was told to hold my pee prior to the test. The nurse ushered me to the water station where I gulped many, many glasses. I was told that a full bladder is good to see if there are any abnormalities or stones, so I happily obliged. I hadn’t eat as advised, and been holding my pee in queue for a good 1 hour after my X-Ray… man, that was torture. I was ready to burst, I cannot even sit.

After that, ENT, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Skeletal test, Electrocardiogram, bone density, lung function etc. I almost fail the visual test…

Done with that, I was made to see the GP, Dr. Malini for the regular blood pressure, history, etc. A quick check with ECG Department, I was scheduled for a Stress Test on the 11th March, and results for today’s test.

Event 2

Results Day – I was scheduled to see Dr. Malini at 11.15 a.m., which of course dragged to 11.45 a.m., finished with her at 12.30 p.m. (tardiness is their vice too, apart from bad handwriting). I rushed to Dr. Song’s office for the Stress Test, which was then further delayed by a queue. I finally had my test around 1 p.m.. The Stress Test is like doing a mini version of the Cooper Test. 12 minutes of gradual walking to running with all the wires attached to the chest and abs to take all the vitals.

My body was still burning from the weight I had earlier, that I started to sweat in the first minute. After the 12th minutes, Dr. Song was satisfied that I passed with flying colours. I couldn’t read his handwriting, but he said ‘everything’s very good, En. Syahril…’. Well, alhamdulillah, and good to know, doc.

Event 3

My long delayed appointment with Dr. Ezlan Merican, an Orthopedics Surgeon at Pantai for my problematic left knee. Finally made contact on Friday morning. I told him the history, a little background etc. He twisted the left knee, and picit sana, picit sini. Once ascertained, he is sure that it is no serious problem.

He ordered an MRI instead, ‘just to make sure’, he said. So off I went to the big tubular thing that I often see in many rounds of Grey’s Anatomy. In the 30 minutes of the scan, and the classical music I was put in to filter the scanning sound, I dozed off a couple of times, by the time we were done, I skipped seeing Dr. Ezlan for results. I promised the nurse to see him the next day.

The next day, I was at his room, wifey and Iris  together. Dr. Ezlan’s clinical findings are torn lateral meniscus and ilio-tibial band. Apparently there is a linear tear in posterior of my lateral meniscus with extension to posterior and lateral surface. But according to him, there is a small amount of fluid beneath my lower ilio-tibial band, which has to be corrected. He post a date for a follow up in 3-weeks time to see progress, and ask me to go for some physiotherapy at DBC Active Rehab Centre at AmpWalk. Should be doing some stretching etc, but in overall, Dr. Ezlan cleared me in a good note, and gave me a thumbs up for Mount Kinabalu expidition in July. Woohoo!

Above all, Alhamdulillah…


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