Pulau Langkawi - The Island of No Exercises

Just came back from Langkawi last night, and we have been absolutely bonked. After we picked the car, Iris was the first one to sleep right through, which unlucky for me, a one-hour drive awaits. 

This entry shall not explain in depth the whole excitement we have had, and how great our hotel was. I a thankful of the health that I have allows me to enjoy a good, quality time with my wife and daughter, and hopefully we instill upon her the free spirit to explore beyond her comfortable zones, and see the world from her own perspectives. We have enjoyed the unnerving trip up Gunung Machinchang with that ridiculously steep cable car, and the crazy over-hanging curved bridge which sways in the wing few thousand feet off the cliff (damn!), the (not-so) beautiful Pulau Payar Marine Park, where Iris cried being swarmed by fishes hoggling at some piece of bread in her hands, long endless snorkelling trip following the unbelievably big tiger grouper, or even quiet family dinners, and breakfasts by the pool at the hotel.

Sure, we being a bunch of tourists, we had our share of many wonderful things, and bought so many things we never thought we would buy, and spend more money we never thought we would spend. My wife with her pots, Visions, chocolates etc; Iris with her Barbie doll, and me, surprisingly with a couple pairs of new dress shoes (how bizzare to find so many shoes my size in Langkawi?).

This weekend I have been very good traveller. I have consumed Langkawi's fresh fishes, some cheap duty free chocolates, eat some fried rice along the way, shared Iris' chips (so she won't gobble the whole tub), the rojak buah with Langkawi's freshest mangoes etc, second-rounded the buffet table on my snorkeling trip, and tried some lontong, many cheeses, chicken sausages etc. I have not visited the hotel's gym at all, had my very leisure swim on my last day, and only ran around 9.5km from Andaman to Datai Bay, and back. 

Without a doubt, my KLIM Training Week 3 has failed miserably, and Strength Training Week 8 will be deferred, because when I am typing this entry, it's Wednesday and I did not wake up this morning for my gym and my run. Yesterday, I could not wake up at all, let alone lift my running shoes and do a 7km at the park. It would have been a pointless run anyway.

Well, I was feeling a little frustrated knowing I do not do justice to my trainings, and fear that this complacency is eating me up. The comfort of knowing the good taste of the food I abandoned, and the warmth of my bed with wifey and Iris by my side. Competitive that I am, fallbacks are never acceptable.

But looking at the bigger picture, I am never really training to be a Mr. Universe, or beating Haile in some marathons. When I started this, the overall objective is to have a healthier life, so I could enjoy growing old with wifey, and watching Iris growing up and be a part of her. Competitive runnings and loosing weights are really my bonus. So I have made my peace with my travels. I have to, coz there are so many coming up. I have Sibu this Friday, and JB next weekend in my way of my LSD. 

So true to being a Corporate Athlete, I'll have to mind my programme, watch what I eat, understand the equation, and moreover enjoy life. Life is complicated enough, tak payahlah nak bagi lagi complicated with regimented trainings... 

For all its worth, Langkawi has been fun, and our family has bonded ever more stronger. 

And, I have found my shoes shopping spot.


enough said... !...:)
Being a Corporate Athlete is about being healthy and happy, in its very own & unique way. It's a lifestyle altogether. You may not have proper fitness sessions, but mannn, having family around can be a calorie burning chore as well.... Just got back from a week-long family vacation myself, and I didn't even bother to set afoot @ our hotel's 24hr gym as I think I already had enuf workout just by being ard with family - channelling the entire (plus extra) energy towards family is priceless! Now, that's a Corporate Athlete.
(well, you didn't spend time sleeping the entire day at hotel room, did u? - coz that's 'very' against the CA's etiquette. hehhehe
amsyah said…
yup, totally agree... picture this.. carrying Iris on my way back around... sure she's a handful, but the precious moments are, well, priceless.

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