Strength Training (Week 6) & KLIM Training (Day 4, Week 2)

Hit the gym earlier today to accommodate for KLIM run at the park. This will be a long morning as I have a one-hour run after the Strength Training, but what the hell.

The routine matches Day 1, Week 6, but I need to further study the load distribution, as I went 110lbs for Bench Presses, to only 50lbs for Military Presses, so am not sure if that helps me building mass, or I am just wasting time (homework 1).

The Strength training today is accelerated between 6.30 a.m. to 7.15 a.m., and I quickly went out of Pavillion towards KLCC Park to do my 1-hour running. Started running after the pedestrian bridge across the nasi lemak sellers, and people walking to their offices (in my shorts and imposing green-coloured Genting Trailblazer tee... sorry guys, I am not a poser!).

Arrived at the park, and I was out of breath... man, immediate running after series of shoulder presses, bench presses etc was really heavy on me. I stopped for some water, and walked a lap. From then on, started running at what I think would be my marathon pace (very slow) for a good 4 laps, and bumped into many familiar faces. I know what were you thinking guys... "ini budak sudah berapa bulan talak nampak lari sini...".

After 5 laps, I timed that I have another 10 minutes to run 1.5km back to the gym to complete my run. In overall, 9km + in an hour. Did some pushups, stretched and headed out. 

Good day, as this morning driving to the gym, I doubted I could keep up with the training at all, but so far so good. Tomorrow will be off running day, God bless!


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