Training Log, 15/03/09

I read somewhere that marathon runners eat 2/3 hours prior to the run, to stock up the carbs and enough fuel for the long run. I was always bogged down after my 10th km, so last night I gave it a try.  A normal carbo-loading for dinner at 6.30 p.m., and before bedtime, I slipped the leftover fried rice into the microwave for tomorrow, and prepared a peanut butter and raspberry jam for the early breakfast.

I figured for my 20km, 2 hours prior to the run is enough. So I woke up at 5 a.m., and had a hard time pushing down food, as I never am a fan of sahur etc. Determined, I finished the sandwich, fried rice with cabbage, mixed veges etc, and a glass of skimmed milk - half asleep really. Then, put the alarm clock on standby and dozed off.

Woke up again around 6.30 a.m., solat subuh and grabbed my gear, and left the house. Reached Kepong Metro at 7 a.m., and started running around 7.15 a.m.. Bloody hell, lupa iPod plak... ni bahana lama sangat tak lari...

Today's LSD is to see house the early carbo-loading works (preliminary), and to see how would my left knee react after some medications prescribed by my Orthopaedics. 

Started strong, and immediately I developed some pain at the inner joints between left hip and groin area, and going uphill was a real battle. Thanks to many chicks in their teens walking in groups, I pushed on, passing them with a blaze... hehehe. After the 12th km, I made a quick pitstop for my recovery drink (Power Recovery), and off to running again. The 4th lap, the pain at the hip area was unbearable, which forced me to reduce speed, which is fine. The final lap was stained by a lot of mini walks on flats, mainly due to sloppy breathing pattern, but the feet was raring to go. The nasi goreng and the peanut butter sandwich was fueling the feet, and it felt great. My thumping heart needs a healthy dose Hi-Lo trainings at the gym...

Regardless, the clicking sound on my left knee was absent today, but the compromising knee has affected the inner left knee a little bit. That I have to check with my physiotherapist later. Beyond that, everything was fine.

Reached the starting point, stretched and headed to the car. The clock showed 9.30 a.m., which means I have improved a bit of my time to 2 hours + for 20 km, despite some walks. OK, which might mean that early breakfast 2 hours prior is showing some promises after all.


i noticed you labeled this entry as keindahan alam. where, pray tell, do you tell us readers about the keindahan alam? you ain't talking about those chicks walking in group right? hehe.
amsyah said…
exactly is... HAHAHAHAHAH

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