A (very) Quiet Week

The week proceeding after the Towerthon, I didn’t have time to do short runs at the gym as the Intensity Training regimes took all the hours. I figured, I’ll do a lot of leg exercises (squats, lunges etc) within my trainings, and go for one LSD on Sunday. And, I have some pain on my groin area (left side) due to what I think was, as a result of compromising on my left knee problem when running.

The pain did not go away, in fact it proceeded with a back pain. I woke up on Sunday morning, all gears ready, and smell the morning air. Did my Subuh prayers, and decided to scramble back to bed. There are many mornings I would move everything to watch the drift and start running, and became groggy on impossible days to do so. I pictured the minimum 400 calories not burnt that morning doesn’t do my cheat day any good.

After 5-days weeks of continuous Intensity Trainings well into my 5th week, fatigue is the last thing I would want, with KLIM ’09 fast approaching.

I couldn’t bring myself to sleep. My biological clock has adjusted to some physical activities early in the morning… so I picked up the pail, all my carwash gear, and went down to wash my car. I figured, saving RM30-45/month to some foreign workers would do my pocket good. Soon, my wife will benefit for her car too.

But, I still felt guilty for not running. I should have, only that I didn’t. I just need some rest to spring back up, which reminds me to set an appointment at Pantai to see about my knee. That night, not wanting to go to bed feeling bad, and having to dream about it, I headed to the pool and swam 6 laps, and came back up. OK, I have called a truce with myself.

Sweet dreams.


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