A Visit to the Physiotherapy

As referred by Dr. Ezlan, there I was today at DBC, AmpWalk having an assessment. I was made to strip by a young female physiotherapist (malu...), she twisted and turn my knees, bent and stretched my hamstring and quads, and took my measurement of calves, knees, quads/hamstring etc.

I won't go in detail, as she was mumbling a lot of things I do not care to hear, but a final diagnoses were to confirm the tibial tear, and the fluid retention on my left knee. She advised me not to run, i.e stop practicing for KLIM until the final 4 weeks (NO WAY!), and she scheduled a 2-days/week stretching and physiotherapy sessions for 5 weeks, and then I need to rest. 

We both know that is not going to happen. 

I'll go slower, less rigorous for sure, and promised her I won't ponteng the classes.


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