Post family holiday, I shied away from the gym for the entire week. Didn't wake up on Tuesday and Wednesday, and by Thursday I was already lazy to even wake up. Funny how holidays have an extended effect on you. So as a result, Iris got herself a new chauffeur for the week, and her mum got some extended sleep.

By Thursday, I calculated in my head that if I got to the gym by 6 a.m., do quick supersets, I would be out of the gym by 7, and still be good to drive to KLIA. On Friday, I just woke whenever, and drove to KLIA. The only exercise I had for that day was walking up and down the Bank's branch for 4 hours, site measurements, and walks in Sibu and Kuching. 

However, I continued to watched my diet, with food I pre-packed at home, and a lot of mixed nuts was good. And albeit the not-so-good brunch on board (and the quality of food hasn't improved too), and quite good dinner on my way back (pasta with steamed veges and chicken with mushroom sauce) kept me full.

With some work lined for Angai this weekend, I am just anxious to see how my weight has fared this whole entire week. Until then, I am still aiming high for the LSD on Sunday. If anything, this 'break' of feasts and rests should do my run good.


It is hard to be on good diet during travels especially in East Malaysia. I'm going to spoil myself from today till friday in Sabah & Sarawak :)
amsyah said…
very the agree...

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