The trip to all the (forbidden) food

Skipped the gym this morning, and instead drove off down south for Site Inspection. Since it's wifey's Good Friday holiday, she tagged along, en route to MakTuk's house in Kota Tinggi - cousin Erda & Azam was to hold a cukur jambul thing, and we might as go over and help.

The problem with MakTuk is that, she is a very good cook. Coupled with TokSu (the husband), they whipped some of my childhood favourites. And everywhere (yes, kitchen, TV area, etc) there will be food. I went to their place with a common mistake - I forgot to pack my bottles of water.

They rolled masak asam pedas with picked cabbage, sambal ikan bilis (I successfully ditched the nasi lemak), chicken porridge, etc. The mantra that saved me from over indulging was, 82.9, 82.9, 82.9... my beloved MakTuk could not believe her eyes when I didn't eat (gobble would be more correct) most of the food. Thanks to her being busy preparing for the reception, she left me alone.

I had to bluff that I have some work to do on Sunday, that I had to leave immediately on Saturday. Truth was (1) I want to go running, and (2) I can't stand being in the same compartment with all her food. 

heheheheh... phew! 

But no... I was not being boring, and over-controlling. I had my share of the pulut kuning and rendang daging, and all of the above. I also skipped running (I shouldn't actually) as I was self-conscious that the Felda folks would resent seeing me in my shorts running past them in the morning (I later found that they have a running course by their community stadium). 

O well, life is a box of chocolates...


Anonymous said…
Hi Syah! I'm from Kg Makam Kota Tinggi. So, which part of Kota Tinggi your MakTuk is from, if you allow me to be busybody?

I have to confess that any visit balik kg will be 'hari raya', with foods all around (the clock)..

Guess your gate-crashing illegal race on sunday managed to shake off the calories. Cheerio!
amsyah said…
fi-sha : ye ke? My MakTuk is in Bandar Mas, en-route to Desaru.
Dunno if I were to burn all the calories tho... but I had fun crashing it, even masa finishing pun, crossing the line with a competitive face, tak shy away from the cameras pun... hehehe

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