I am on high today, partly because of the lack of sleep and over-working on this project. Me and my team have been cooking a lot these days.

Today started quite regular, I was at the gym, left for the office. Managed to hop on the scale - 82.2kg. Losing weight steadily, albeit slowly, again. Good sign.

Picked my designer, off to Putrajaya, all ready for the presentation. Arrived in PjC, brought in the model, replaced the slides, and we spent the hours gossiping about people. Our turn came, we presented, we conquered. Tan Sri gave his approval within the first 15 minutes. For a second I was standing behind Tan Sri in disbelief...

Tapi Tan Sri, slides tak tengok lagi?

I even walked to sit down at the end of the projector. We were ushered out.

Outside, there was no jubilant cheer, only disbelief, especially from our firm. Being a virgin Consultant in Putrajaya, we were not accustomed to this. Usually it takes hours of grilling and convincing. But, it was good too, coz' e have a long way to constructing this beast we have designed.

I was on air, floating as all the burden from December 2008 was lifted off me. Long way to go, true, but this was unreal. All the screams, papers thrown, tantrums across, sweet talks, bribing cigarettes (not cool by the way) etc was finally over (for this stage, at least), and I was going to spend today easy.

Called TRH and extend the good news, and sms-ed KY who was probably sleeping in his Mayfair townhouse.

Went a long, long lunch (thanks to the heavy rain and mad storm) at Rebung with Azlan, and treated myself with the masak asam pedas and ikan bakar... went off around 3 p.m., back to the office. Back at the office, I went to brief TRH of the presentation, and spent the few hours remaining to go through emails etc.

Left the office around 6 p.m. straight to Kepong Metro, where I ran full heartedly on 7km, warmed down and headed home.

That all, the highest part was to return home early with Iris and spend the night listening to her antics, sniffing her head, kissing her forehead, and all the stuff.

I have never had a day this good after Iris' birth 4 years back, not without chaos and panic.



Damn proud of you dude ... you have all good things around you now; awesome job, happy family & good health. This entry definitely makes my day. Tq so much for sharing ...
Fi-sha said…
Dear Syah,
alhamdullilah...great to know that...anything from a heart of good intention and clear conscience can never go wrong...wowo, ive been saying that too many times this week alone...must be a good vibes for everyone...alhamdulillah...happy for you guys!
amsyah said…
Ian : I am really grateful to Allah for this bless and strength allowed for me, and partly to you who have helped me in my search for a healthier me... Thanks, dude
amsyah said…
Fi-Sha : Thanks, it is always good as my granny used to tell me to keep plugging awayeven when the things are tough. I think she quoted 'delayed gratification'? (Tapi in bahasa melayu kelantan, lah...:P).

Good to know your good vibes are rubbing to a lot of other people too... Keep them coming, I could use some of them in the coming months, if not years...
takako said…
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