SCKLM 09 Training, Week 8, 03/05/09

Woke up at 4 and had some of yesterday's nasi lemak, and down a litre of water. Fell asleep again by the couch, and woke up to the azan for Subuh. Had my prayer, freshen up and rushed out at 6.15 a.m. Grabbed the sandwich (peanut butter and rasberry jam), but only managed half of it - I was too full.

Hit the road around 6.20 a.m. with Black Eyed Peas' 'Lets Get It Started', and was blessed with cool morning breeze. It had been raining the past few days/nights, and morning runs have been quite enjoyable. Quickly settled for my GP, and hit UIA exit at no time. Moving on to Gombak, I made a pit stop at BHP... that was the hot sambal nasi lemak from yesterday...

Moved towards Jalan Kuching interchange, and stopped at Shell Kepong. Had few sips of water, light stretch, walk for 2 minutes and hit the road again. This time around, I try to introduce more short walk breaks to eliminate cramps, and reduced speed in the end. Arrived at the U-turn, and headed back. Thanks to the overcast and heavier and cooler air, the foul air on the road subsided and did not bother me much. Ran towards Shell, and stopped for another few sips. Walked for few minutes, and run again.

Arrived at Jalan Kuching interchange when I realised I was loosing speed. The breathing was quite regular, but the feet were not cooperating much. But I ran/walked towards Shell at Taman Samudera, bought a can of 100+ and a bar of chocolate to refuel. After the Gombak area, betwen KM 23 - 24th, I practically walked all the way (split time at 24th KM at 2:52:20. It was then, I started to run again towards the finishing line.

Did a detour towards Kenari/Melati to make up for the additional 1km, and towards Esso before a small U-turn, and arrived home. 26km at 3:16:20. 

Good things about the run today are;
a) no cramps whatsoever
b) shorter and many walk stops makes up for a strong finish, and less injury after the run
c) only one isotonic drink stop at Samudera Shell, and that was all I need

I still need to improve in nutrition tho, and have to remember to carbo-load few days prior, not just the day before. It is very hard to do that, while weight-training and losing weight at the same time, considering a novice that I am. But I have noticed that many liquid intake the night before helped my dehydration problem. Next week will be LSD at 27.2 km. That will include a longer detour into Melati. As I am not having so much problem in LSD, my Speed Intervals are still crappy...

SCKLM 09 is less than 2 months away.


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